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Baron Bishop, a fragrant adventure shared by a mother, Mary Heidrich, and son, Laszlo Etro.

This project is the fruit of olfactory encounters and experiences: from sharp pine resin cutting glacial Swiss temperatures to exquisite floral compositions tumbling down private balconies, filling the springtime air of Milano. From exotic travels to Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar to the calm, salty late summer Balearic breeze. From the enveloping musky, earthy smell of frankincense in Muscat to the zesty and fresh Central Florida citrus groves. 

Our mission is to convey site specific experiences that connect the senses of smell and vision, bridging the online to the offline, all brought to life through the formulation of fragrances and the art of storytelling. 

The project begins with The Milano Collection. Five oil-based unisex fragrances crafted as an homage to architectural features that represent the identity of the city – the history (Archetype), the aesthetic appeal (Huile de Silence), the people (Sonder), the arts (Tempo Rubato) and the future (Vertical).

Who is Baron Bishop?

The name comes from Francis Xavier Heidrich, father and grandfather to the founders. In 1937, at age 17, he decides to race at the Daytona Beach and Road Course, a racetrack that paved the way for NASCAR. In order to avoid being caught by his mother, Francis is forced to borrow a friend’s name, a certain Mr. Baron Bishop. 

The legend of Baron Bishop and his 1937 Buick lives on. Hop in, buckle up and let’s hit the road towards new aromatic destinations.